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Travel Light

I have realized that less is more and that means the same for when traveling.

I try to contain everything in a bag pack, with clothes, passport, basic toiletries and camera equipment.

These are the things I usually take with me. Fuji xt2 with wide angle lens and zoom lens. Dji Mavic Air drone Go pro hero 6 with underwater dome. T shirts, 1 pair of shorts, and one pair of trousers, socks and underwear. I don’t take a laptop so all my editing is done on my Iphone X 256 GB. I will go into more details about my editing later.

The reason I travel light is mainly so I can easily pack and move around with all my belongings in no time. It is also easy to check in at the airport and not wait for your bag once you arrive. You will also realize that I don’t take tripods, extra light and other accessories that could help with the photography but in the long run can be replaced on the go by other things and in this case a bit of imagination is all you need.

Equipment and why I use that:

Fuji xt2 is the ideal camera for me as it is easy to use, weather proof and small. You can take amazing pictures even with a crop sensor compared to DSLRS.

DJI Mavic Air: So far it’s the smallest drone available from DJI with a top camera and with a hard case, its well protected if anything bangs into it. The Mavic pro is also a great drone but a bit bigger if you plan on taking all its extra batteries.

Go pro hero 6 is the latest camera from GOPRO but has great quality for stills and video. Its water proof and has image stabilisation for videos. The wide angle is great for small spaces like hotels and restaurants and you can take great photos without people noticing especially in small crowded streets or markets.

The water dome works well with the go pro and fits well in order to shoot half water, half landscape effect. The only thing to be careful is not to scratch the lens with sand. It can be a bit bulky but really worth the shots.

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