About Me - Solly Levi

About Me

I am a Brighton based travel photographer.

When I think of photography I think of having fun and trying to transmit a story and emotion.

I also try to create new content and trends in order to keep my mind amused. I started to take pics with my iPhone for about 2 years with limited resources but with powerful apps that allow you to go wherever your mind takes you.

I now mainly work with my Fuji cameras, the XT1 and the XT2. I also use drones such as the mavic pro and the mavic air for aerial photography. I also have the Gopro hero 6 for all around filming and wide angle shots especially in tight spaces such as small streets, markets and indoors. The other advantage with the Gopro is underwater photography in one small but powerful package.

I hope you enjoy the pics. If you have any questions, send me an email and I will get back to you asap.


Winner of the Rough Guides travel photography competition 2017.

Travel Photography book out in bookstores.

Amateur Photographer front cover

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